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Do Men Still Wear Lederhosen in Germany?

The German Lederhosen along with its accouterments (shirt, socks, and hat) originally were the clothes for the local working class of Central Europe, especially common among the mountain regions of Austria, Bavaria, Italy, and Switzerland. Made of the thickest quality leather deer, an indestructible material, the shorts are ideal for daily tasks the Alpine farmers carry out. However today, most people today still turn to this fashion and visit lederhosen store for the best quality costumes.

Eventually, as more people move to cities, in the early 19th century, this became a not so cool culture to wear rough leather pants to work daily. A time came when these shorts were no longer in the picture, only to experience a renaissance in the 1880s that recast them as the main source of Bavarian pride nowadays.

The reason why things are complex is all because it boils down to the fetishization of the working class by the royal class, all thanks to King Ludwig II, who showed an increasing interest in the national Bavarian costume and believed in all the myths as a marker for nationalist sentiments across Europe.

In today’s era, it is quite normal for Bavarian men to wear lederhosen to church, weddings, or Oktoberfest. Wearing these costumes now serves as a symbol of local pride and a marker of difference between the rest of Germany and Bavaria. It does look similar to Texans wearing cowboy hats and boots, even if they never set their foot on a ranch.

When Visiting Munich for Oktoberfest

When you visit Munich to attend Oktoberfest, the festival would be incomplete unless you wear lederhosen. The Lederhosen For Sale come in variable lengths and sizes, so you have to decide whether you want to wear long or short length trousers. The options could include mid-length, over the knee, and shorter versions for young boys.

Keep in mind that a traditional, original deerskin leather trouser could cost you much, but it is always possible for you to go for other variations like cow leather for a reasonable price. You can complete your look with shorts, knee-high socks, white or checkered shirts, leather shoes, and wear the suspenders in either the H shape or the less common shape “M,” which are optional.

For an advanced chic look, you can add a felt hat, leather jacket with feathers, or gamsbart, or flowers (somehow in an inverted, tuft of bushy hair) or even a well-styled mustache.

Oktoberfest and Lederhosen

As you are already aware, Oktoberfest is a festival that takes place every year in Munich, as well as other regions of the globe. This festival is all about beer drinking, and you spending some quality time with your loved ones and enjoying the finest quality beer. This festival is a special one because the lederhosen comes in different lengths, so one of the first things you have to decide on is whether you prefer to wear the shorter versions or the mid-length, or longer ones.

The Accessories are an Integral Part of the Costume

To add some more authentic touch to your costume, you can pair your outfit with other accessories like vests, hats, shoes, and socks. In addition, try going for some brighter colored leather pants, like light brown, beige, or off-white. Of course, you can also go for other versions like the dark-colored trousers in colors like black, dark brown, and others.

For the finest quality costumes, make sure that you consult your friends and family or carry out a complete research on your own to find out what option would be suitable for you. Explore lederhosen stores in your area and go for the best quality ones.

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