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Samsung Galaxy S9 To Feature the Biggest Smartphone Battery

Regarding the battery, Samsung has opted for the 3,300 mAh in the recent Galaxy Note 8. A figure was slightly lower than that seen in the Samsung Galaxy S8 +, which had 3,500 mAh. And you should not lose sight of that, in a little more than 0.1 millimeter thick and a couple of millimeters in width, there must be room for the S Pen. In favor of this battery, yes, we found the fast charge and the fast wireless charge. So running out of battery with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 mid-day should not be any problem. We will check it in our test thoroughly. But it is not the biggest that we expected; however, now hope will be forwarded to the Samsung Galaxy S9.

In the Note 8, an Android brain, as expected, drives all this muscle. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes on the market with Android 7.7.1. That is the latest version of Google’s operating system. Update to date for the latest security features and latest Android features. This also comes pre-installed with Google like YouTube, Google Play Store or Gmail. And so does the applications of Samsung and its Galaxy Apps store. Something is already habitual in the terminals of the South Korean company. Whereas on the hood in Galaxy S9 will be Android 8.0.

Samsung Galaxy S9 To Feature the Biggest Smartphone Battery - ProTalkClub

Where we find true novelties of Note 8 is in the photographic section. Samsung has leaped dual cameras, as all other manufacturers. And he has done it very well. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 includes a main camera with two quality lenses. It uses the same system as seen in the LG G6. That is, a wide-angle lens to capture a wide scene, and a telephoto lens to get close to distant details without losing too much quality in the details. Also, this camera system allows you to create the famous portrait effect that Apple has put into fashion. The bokeh effect is carried out using software, but it is achieved, and the results are amazing. This new effect will definitely be there in the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Both cameras are 12 megapixels. Of course, the wide angle has a focused aperture of 1.7, while the telephoto lens has an aperture of 2.4. Both are very bright and get really good results even in poor lighting situations. Simply do the pinch gesture to jump from a wide image to a zoom effect. That is, to jump from one target to the other almost imperceptibly. Thus until getting up to two optical increases, and more nearness through software if we continue to zoom on the image. Note 8 cameras lacks behind the iPhone 8, however, the next camera in the Samsung Galaxy S9 will overshadow iPhone. What is striking is that both objectives have optical image stabilizer. So it is practically impossible to take blurred or blurred photos.

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