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Top Food Facts Will Blow Your Minds

Some interesting facts will blow your minds:

  1. Potatoes absorbs WI-FI signals and are used to test or improve Internet signals on Air-planes.
  2. Eating chocolate before studying or taking rest, increase your chances of understanding any piece of information.
  3. The “Ice-cream” used in ice creams ads is often mashed potatoes because they will not melt during production.
  4. Eating Banana can help fight depression.
  5. One of the most hydrating foods to eat is the Cucumber, which is 96& water.
  6. Honey enters the blood stream in less than 20 minutes. This occurs because it has already been digested by the bee.
  7. Pineapples are international symbols of welcome and are a symbolic way of saying “You are Perfect” when presented to someone.
  8. All parts of an Egg are edible, including the shells, they are high on calcium.
  9. Apples are most proficient at waking up in the morning than coffee. There are more than 7000 different types of apple in the world.
  10. Tomato is a fruit.
  11. Chocolate was once used as a currency.
  12. Eating a lots of Onions can make you feel sleepy.


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